A Nutritionist's 5 Tips For Restful Sleep

1120---A Nutritionist's 5 Tips For Restful Sleep

Whether you’re saying “just one more episode” to FRIENDS when you’ve just-one-more-d three times already, or your little one has gotten out of bed to ask for a glass of water, or a cuddle, or yet another bedtime story, it’s pretty safe to say none of us are getting enough sleep.

Sleep isn’t that important… right? 


Remedy Nutritionist and our all-time fave smarty pants Jacqueline Alwill might just beg to differ. That’s why she’s sharing her top five ways to catch more zzz’s, for real (because apparently, sleep is what makes the world go ‘round).

Over to you, Jacq!

By Remedy Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill

1. Eat dinner earlier

Aim to eat dinner about 2+ hours before bed to allow adequate time for digestion. There’s always a protein, carbs and healthy fats included in my dinners, which need plenty of time to settle before hitting the hay.

2. Roll out and stretch

I used to proper despise rolling, but I dedicated last year to falling in love with it and now me and my muscles look forward to the roll out and release each day. I do it whilst chatting to the family or watching TV.

3. Switch off

Close down work and emails and dive into a book or atm I’m a bit obsessed with Yellowstone, so I watch a little of that some nights and… 

4. Have a cup of herbal tea

We’ve been growing a lemon verbena plant which is delicious to steep but also has some anti-anxiolytic properties, so a nice one for the nervous system.

5. Sleep shots

About 30 minutes prior to bed I love grabbing my Remedy Sleep Shot, which contains functional ingredients such as chamomile, passionflower, valerian root and l-theanine to ease stress, promote relaxation and move into a restful sleep. It’s a natural and delicious addition to my evening routine. And then it’s full switch off bedtime!!!!

You can find Remedy Sleep Shots online, or at your local independent grocer or petrol station.

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