Back To Uni Hacks Unlocked

Back To Uni Hacks Unlocked

Back to school getting you down? Don't worry, we've been pretending we can stay in eternal summer holidays too. But alas, the real world has smacked us right in the face, so we figured we'd help you prep yoself before you wreck yoself. Learn from our mistakes and whatnot.

Here's what we would do to get our heads in the game before returning to uni.

Figure out your timetable

Timetables are the one thing you want to put off figuring out until the very last minute. They make the back-to-uni thing feel real. But the sooner you can wrap your head around your mandatory early lectures and late arvo tutes, the better you'll feel... Probably.

Get your study materials organised

No one wants to ruin holidays with - *shudder* - study, but getting your hands on textbooks, replenishing your forever-dwindling pen collection and downloading study guides ahead of time will make that first week back less chaotic.

Pack your backpack

Don't @ us for being boomers, but packing your backpack/tote bag the night before takes one thing off your to-do list for that first morning back. It also means you are less likely to forget something 'cause there's nothing worse than getting off on the wrong foot with your tutor because you forgot your textbook.

Here's our list of must-haves: laptop, textbooks, pens, drink bottle, and of course, the wiser energiser for your 3pm slump, Remedy KICK.

Stock up on your back-to-uni caffeine hit in the energy aisle at your local Woolies, at select independent retailers and, of course, online.

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