Is Remedy Kombucha Alcoholic?

0998---Is Remedy Kombucha Alcoholic?

To understand whether or not kombucha is alcoholic, we need to get a pretty good idea of how kombucha is made, and why this brewing process might cause a smidge of concern over the alcohol content of our fave fermented bev!

How is kombucha made?

We already have stacks of info about the ins and outs of brewing kombucha, so we won’t chew your ear off repeating what you already probably know.

But we will refresh your memory!

In its simplest form, kombucha is fermented tea. We brew a bit ol’ pot of tea, add SCOBY, and keep it in a warm room for 30 days to allow the fermentation process.

When fermentation occurs with yeast, it typically converts the sugar into alcohol. This is where the concerns around alcoholic kombucha come from. 

So, is kombucha alcoholic?

Remedy Kombucha is non-alcoholic.

Like many fermented foods and drinks, a trace amount of alcohol can be produced during the natural fermentation process. But we thoroughly test each and every batch to make sure our drinks meet the national standards for non-alcoholic drinks (an ABV of below 0.5%).

The trace levels of alcohol are so low, the alcohol doesn’t accumulate in the bloodstream. So you can rest easy knowing Remedy Kombucha is a non-alcoholic bevvie you can sip on to steer clear of booze!

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