When To Drink Your Fave Remedy Flaves

When To Drink Your Fave Remedy Flaves

It's come to our attention at Remedy HQ that Remedy fans are struggling to know when they are supposed to drink their Remedy bevvies. 

And you know what? It would be easier to answer "When can't you drink a Remedy?!" and friends, the answer to that is never. It's always a good time to reach for one of our tasty drinks!

OK, maybe not always. For example, it might not be the smartest idea to drink your Remedy Energy Shot or Remedy KICK at night unless you're lookin' to PAARRRTTAAAYYY - in which case, crack that can and carry on. Twerk it, girl.

To offer some consolation for the uncertain sippers out there, as the self-proclaimed Remedy connoisseurs we are, we'd like to give you the rundown of when to enjoy your favourite flaves. Find your play-by-play daily plan below.


Or throw caution to the wind and sip what and whenever you like! Explore the full range of Remedy bevs and who knows, you might even find a new fave to sip on throughout your day.

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