5 Ways to Get Your Mates into Remedy KICK

5 Ways to Get Your Mates into Remedy KICK

We all know that guy. You know the one. If there's an energy drink on the counter, they’re rolling their eyes or screwing up their face or saying, “You know energy drinks are so bad for you, right?”

We’ve all got those mates. Heck, we’ve probably been those mates.

But­ we must preface that was in the very dark and depressing days before Remedy KICK came onto the scene.

We know energy drinks have a bad rap for being outrageously high in sugar, artificial ingredients and bad caffeine… and anxiety and sadness, but we’re breaking out of that icky stereotype to bring a refreshing, tasty, no sugar caffeine hit without the guilt, jitters or crash. 

But how do you convince your “energy drinks are ick” mates to try Remedy KICK?

Here are five arguments that are 100 billion per cent scientifically proven to work.*

1. No heart palpitations, no problems! 

Most of us don't really dig the jitters and shakes and am-I-having-a-heart-attack side effects of traditional energy drinks. That’s why you can brag to your energy drinks are ick mates about the lack of jitters with Remedy KICK, thanks to the all natural caffeine coming right from raw, unroasted green coffee beans.

2. Sugar who?

If you know Remedy, you know we’re not about that sugar-high lifestyle. We prefer to be high on life… aaaaand all natural energy sources that don’t come with a sugar crash 2hrs later.

3. Refreshing, for real

Mid-arvo coffees just don’t hit the same as a cool, refreshing bevvie. Mornings are for coffees. Arvos are for KICKs. 

4. Say cya later to sickly sweet

Love the idea of a mid-arvo, refreshing AF pep in ya step but can’t stand the overwhelmingly artificially tasting sweetness of most energy drinks? KICK is packed to the brim with natural sweetness, leaving no need for scrunched-up noses or litres of water after you’ve emptied your can.

5. Flavour-filled AF

Just like all Remedy bevvies, KICK is a one-way ticket to flavour town. With Lemon Lime, Blackberry and Mango Pineapple, you won’t be able to stop yourself from making KICK part of your daily routine.

*We are not scientists, but our guesstimations and magical-looking glasses prove this accurate.

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