7 Simple Hacks To Boost Your Energy Naturally

7 Simple Hacks To Boost Your Energy Naturally

Written by Remedy Nutritionist, Jacqueline Alwill

If you’re looking for a boost in energy but feel like the usual culprits like chocolate, candy and chips are sending you crashing down instead of picking you up (you’re right - that’s EXACTLY what they do!), then try these natural energy hacks…

1. Jump in a magnesium salt bath at the close of your day

Magnesium plays a role in hundreds of different biochemical pathways in the human body, INCLUDING our energy production (known as the ATP cycle). Grab magnesium salts from the supermarket and add a few tablespoons of them to a hot bath to close the day - hello, self-care, don’t mind if I do! If baths aren’t your thing, then aim to boost your diet with plenty of magnesium-rich foods such as nuts and seeds, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans etc.), dark leafy greens, whole grains and cacao. 

2. Snack right

Heading into the heat of summer can make for some exciting, naturally energizing snack moments too. Aim for snacks that pack nutrition to replenish the body, rather than refined sugars, which after the sugary peak, can drop your energy to an all-time low and make you feel very depleted. Try a wholesome, delicious,  icy pole filled with berries, avocado, coconut cream, vanilla, a drizzle of dark chocolate and some crushed nuts to finish.

3. Soak in that sunshine

Be sure to head out in the off-peak hours of the day (9-12 and 2-5 in Winter and 8-10 and 3-5 in Summer) to reap the benefits of Vitamin D for immune health, bone strength and hormone production. Not only will your body thank you for the D, but some studies have also suggested an association between sunshine and serotonin production. Serotonin is the chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) required for communication between the brain and nerve cells in the body; and helps regulate mood, hunger, sleep, learning, memory and sexual behaviour. Good mood, sleep and sex = natural energy high!

4. Reach for a natural energy-boosting refreshment

With the most delicious, all natural, invigorating, refreshing NEW energy drink, Remedy KICK.

With 80mg of caffeine (approximately the same as a cup of coffee) from green coffee beans and ginseng, but without the sugar and guilt of buying a traditional energy drink (which you KNOW actually does nothing for you), Remedy KICK is an energy drink ready to give you a mental boost without the crash, and can help you GET IT DONE! Energy slump no longer.

Remedy KICK is your new mate in the fridge for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up when the slump hits and while you’re out and about, instead of that afternoon sugar bomb. Grab Remedy KICK in 3 yummo flavours - Blackberry, Mango Pineapple or Lemon Lime at your local supermarket or online via Remedy’s website.

5. Crowd your diet with micronutrients

Our bodies are amazing, but they’re not actually capable of doing ABSOLUTELY everything, so we need to consume an abundance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) from dietary sources to support it and feel energized.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to ‘crowd’ your plate with vegetables, which are chock full of micronutrients, before adding the rest of your meal. You’ll feel more satisfied by your meal and, in the process, naturally acquire the nutrients your body needs to be energized. 

6. Take an icy cold shower or plunge into the ocean

A golden oldie for boosting energy is cold water (or ice, you choose!) therapy. Cold showers, ice baths or ocean swims stimulate your body’s cells, helping you to feel more energised, alert and with greater clarity.

If you’re a newbie to this practice…try taking your regular shower in the morning, followed by a cold water blast for 30 seconds. If you live near the ocean (lucky you!), jump in the water daily throughout the year (that’s right AND in Winter!) and note the difference in energy on days you do versus those you don’t. 

7. Reclaim your sleep

Without a doubt, one of the most naturally energising habits you can create is prioritising and reclaiming your sleep - quality and quantity. To action better sleep: Plan some meals for the week, ensuring good quality protein, carbohydrates and fats feature on your plate.

Focus your evenings on a solid wind down from technology and blue light exposure, and go for books before bed. And identify your window of opportunity (WOO), which is the optimal time for your body to be getting to bed because it expects to sleep. You’ll know this because you’ll feel sleepy, but these days many ignore it and ‘push through’. Rather than doze off on the couch, know your WOO, and let that melatonin (our sleep-wake hormone) drop just as you drop on your sleep mask too. 

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