Meet our newest Rem-fam member, Sam Wood!

Remedy Ambassador Sam Wood holding a Remedy Kombucha

Meet our newest Rem-fam member, Sam Wood!

Meet the newest member of the Remedy family, SAM WOOD!

We're stoked to share Sam has joined the Remedy team as an official Remedy Ambassador. Sam shot to fame starring as the Aussie Bachelor in 2015 (SNEZ for the win)! He's now kept pretty darn busy as the founder to 28 by Sam Wood, Australia's fastest-growing online training and nutrition program, being a proud dotin' dad and a total all-round LEGEND.

Most importantly… he's BIG on telling sugar to get FRUCT which is exactly the kinda energy we're about. Sam's been recommending Remedy Kombucha at 28 for YONKS thanks to our tasty range of live cultured bevvies containing NO sugar, naturally. Whatttttta human.

To say we're mighty proud to be partnering with Sam to help inspire more Aussies to drink better is an understatement. As we approach summer after one HECTIC year, we're stoked for the KING of health and fitness is here to help us kick our COVID comfort eating and drinking to the curb and make better choices every day.

Thank us later for seeing more of his cheers-worthy face around town. Mic drop.


Wanna get to know our newest Remedy Ambassador? Here's five fizzy questions answered by Sam Wood.

First up, what's your favourite Remedy bevvie? I've been recommending Remedy Kombucha at 28 since my first sip as they're not only refreshing and full of goodness, but also because they contain no sugar, naturally but still taste amazing. I've been hooked on Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade for years. Although now… the NEW Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is a close rival.

Guilty TV watch? I’m addicted to home renovation shows!

First thing you do when you wake up? Taking dog Hendrix, a chocolate lab for a walk each morning is my kind of meditation before the craziness of getting the family dressed, fed and to school each day. I'm big on my morning rituals to set up my day for success (which is survival at times as a busy parent).

Worst habit? Chocolate at night and inability to slow down..

Post-workout routine? Keep hydrated, eat something protein-rich to help those muscles recover - AKA a banana, scrambled eggs or some apple with nut butter. I'm also big on having a Remedy Switchel Blood Orange after my workout in the morning as it's a great way to cheat yourself getting your daily dose of ACV first thing and hydrate.

Burpees or mountain climbers? Can I Say neither? Probably mountain climbers.

Sam Wood holding Remedy Wild Berry Kombucha