Remedy has TWO new flavours, rolling out for a limited time at Woolies.

Limited Edition flavours of Remedy Drinks

Remedy has TWO new flavours, rolling out for a limited time at Woolies.

Guess what our fizzy fermentary has been busy brewing while you were in vacay-mode? Not one, but TWO new Limited Batches FULL of goodness for you to sip back, relax and enjoy this New Year (after the year we shall not name). 

Meet our very special Remedy Switchel Pineapple and Remedy Kombucha Creaming Soda that have dropped into your local Woolies fridge this week. Stock up on these summer flaves as they're only around for two weeks. AKA: Run, don't walk. 

Limited Batch Remedy Kombucha Creaming Soda

Are you a fan of smooth, creamy vanilla??! Hooray, your new sip is sorted. FINALLY, a guilt-free creaming soda has dropped in time for you to NAIL your New Year health resolutions (tootaloooo sugar). It's leading lush vanilla notes offers a deliciously delicate twist on the creaming soda you know and love. Wanna know the best bit? Compared to that darn sugary pop creaming soda (you know the one we obliviously glugged down as a kid) – you'll be saving yourself 18 teaspoons of sugar if you snag our Remedy Kombucha Creaming Soda 750ml in Woolies supermarkets. 18 TEASPOONS I tell you. 

Limited Batch Remedy Switchel Pineapple

There's nothing quite like enjoying some fresh pineapple on a hot summer's day – besides, you know, crackin' open a BIG ol' glass bottle of LIMITED BATCH Remedy Switchel Pineapple in the backyard. Ah, yes. Welcome to paradise. Unlike a juicy debate about pineapple on pizza, Remedy's pineapple is anything but complicated – it's 100% a sure thing for tastiness. ACV, apple cider vinegar, tastiness you can actually enjoy on the daily, thanks to its natural pineapple deliciousness and cool elements unique to Remedy's **top-secret** Switchel brew. You'll go troppo for this drop. 


The new limited-batch Remedy flavours are available exclusively at Woolworths. Find your nearest store here

Lookin' for something dodgy written here? Gotcha. Nothing to hide here people! Remedy's Limited Batches are simply damn tasty and always 100% natural - like all Remedy drinks. Congrats on reading this tiny text (ain't it cute). Finally, a fizzy drink brand with tiny text you can trust.