How To Survive The Silly Season (With Remedy)

Two cans of Remedy Kombucha with a plate of fruit. Two hands bring in glasses filled with Remedy about to cheers.

How To Survive The Silly Season (With Remedy)

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of year - the silly season - when it's socially acceptable to dig into the choccy before 10 AM (who are we kidding - before 8 AM), drink until you're very um... *merry*, and eat all the extra servings and pavlova your heart desires. 

With all the Christmas cheer at this time of year, it can be challenging to find a healthy balance (diet starts Jan 1st, right!?). Don't stress, though, as we have some tips up our sleeves to help you enjoy the silly season (gosh knows everyone deserves it after the year we've had) guilt-free (not that you should feel any guilt anyway - it's ALL about balance, baby!). 


We're not going to pretend that we're all saints here in the Remedy office. We like to enjoy an alcoholic bevvie or two, but we also like to give our cocktails a boost by offering more than just the norm. Whilst beer, wine and champers are lovely; there is nothing quite like whipping up a delicious drink with Remedy as the mixer. Not only is our booch punching weight with its flavour and ingredient combos, but it's also jam-packed with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants. It's a win-win. 


These seriously are your wellness artillery. Get fully prepared for everything the silly season can throw at you with a mixed case of our mini but mighty Remedy Shots. Eaten far too much pud at Christmas lunch? Down a Digestion, with real ginger, prebiotics and your daily dose of ACV - scientifically proven to ease digestion. Woken up feeling a little rusty after a big night on the sauce? We've been there, but maybe get yourself an Immune+ to give yourself a little boost of Vitamin A, C and B6. Not sure you can drag yourself to yet ANOTHER event? You need an all-natural caffeine hit from green coffee beans and ginseng - which are the ingredients found in our Energy shot. See, we got you! 


It might not seem like it now, but you're probably going to need a breather from all the Aperols and bubbles over the next month. Do future-you a favour, and stock the fridge with your favourite Remedy flaves. They're the perfect drinking buddy to have on hand when you feel like a bit of *something* but don't necessarily want the hangover that goes along with it. If you want more than JUST a booch (we won't get offended), try making a delicious mocktail with your favourite fruits, ice and some fresh lime/lemon juice. 



Christmas is a notorious time of year for children everywhere, being absolutely feral. Not only are they HYPED UP on choccys from their advent calendar and XMAS stockings, but they're also constantly getting their mitts on Christmas biccys, nan's various delicious homemade treats and of course, the devil itself - sugar-filled soft drink - which is floating around at every Christmas event. Never fear though, we're here with a treat those gremlins will LOVE, with conveniently has no sugar, for real. If you're yet to stock up on our Remedy JNR., we encourage you to do so during your next shop, or better yet, order online so you don't have to face the Christmas Crazies. Remedy JNR. will ensure you have the cool parent status at every event and Christmas lunch without your child being the one to break a window. Oh, and you'll also win some serious smug points with your sister-in-law who thinks she's the perfect parent.