While some of our ingredients might LOOK scary (no names mentioned, SCOBY) – they're far from it - they're bloody awesome. We're fusspots when it comes to our ingredients - annoyingly fussy, but that's what makes our bevvies so damn great. We never use artificial flavours or colours (coz they're gross). Instead, we source high-quality, all natural ingredients ensuring no sugar is added to any of our Remedy drinks (yeah, da boys).

Fun fact: We don't use juice for flavourings because they usually have a high sugar content. However, we use ginger juice and lemon juice in a few of our products because they have very low fermentable sugars (it's science). For our other beveraginos, we use all natural flavours and extracts, which are the flavour components of the fruit without the sugar.

Let's break down some of our ingredients and why they're so scarily good.



Found in Remedy Kombucha, Remedy K!CK, Remedy Immune+ Shot, Remedy Energy Shot

Ever wondered what that weird alien-looking thing is in kombucha? We'll come right out and say it – it's gross. It's the stuff of 80s B-grade horror films. As disturbing as it looks, the SCOBY (symbiotic community of good bacteria and yeast), or mother culture, is the workhorse in our kombucha brews and is a key ingredient in real, raw kombucha. 

Have no fear if you have ever seen some floaty bits in your kombucha and freaked out! Strands or small pieces of our live kombucha SCOBY or 'mother' may appear in your booch. While they may seem weird the first time, you see them in your drink, rest assured, these are signs of a natural, healthy kombucha that is unpasteurised and full of goodness. They are perfectly normal and safe. In fact, it's a good sign of a very healthy kombucha!


Found in Remedy Kombucha, Remedy K!CK, Remedy Immune+ Shot, Remedy Energy Shot

In kombucha makin', the first and very important step at Remedy is to brew a huge pot of tea. And, well, everyone knows that green tea is good for you, right? The reason for this is because of all of the healthy antioxidants that naturally occur in green and black tea. Tea antioxidants, otherwise known as polyphenols, may help your body fight illness. They're seriously the REAL lesser-known powerhouse of a good kombucha.

In science-speak, antioxidants have been found to scavenge for free radicals in the body and prevent them from causing cell damage. Some tea blends have less or more polyphenols depending on quality, which can even be impacted by what season the tea was harvested!

Polyphenols also vary on the tea type (i.e. green, black, oolong, jasmine or hibiscus). We select the highest quality organic tea for our brew. We use a mixture of certified organic green tea for its high polyphenol properties and certified organic black tea for its rich superior taste.

Keen to know more about polyphenols? Read up on one of our fave ingredients here.


Found in Remedy Sodaly, Remedy Switchel ACV, Remedy Digestion Shot

We love apple cider vinegar AKA ACV for many reasons: it can aid digestion, it can help regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels, and it may promote good heart health and help keep cholesterol low. While we love this ingredient, we don't necessarily love necking it straight! This is why we use ACV as a base to make some of the best-tasting fizzies, Remedy Switchel ACV and Remedy Sodaly.

We could talk about ACV for hours, but nobody wants that. You can check out this nifty dedicated blog post if you're interested in learning more. Fun!


Found in Remedy K!CK, Remedy Energy Shot

Green coffee bean extract is derived from raw coffee beans that haven't been roasted yet. Its chemical profile is pretty different to roasted coffee beans. When left raw, green coffee bean extract contains high levels of a group of antioxidants known as chlorogenic acids, which can help lower blood pressure and may reduce your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

While green coffee bean doesn't have AS much caffeine as their roasted counterpart, it t has a slower, more enduring caffeine kick that will power you through the day (or night!). A much nicer option than taurine and guarana – nobody likes those energy drink shakes!



Found in Remedy Switchel ACV, Remedy Digestion Shot, Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon

The word superfood gets thrown around a lot. Like A LOT a lot, and sometimes hard to tell the difference between a fad and the real deal. When it comes to superfood superhero status, ginger is the OG. It's one radical rhizome that has stood the test of time for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in traditional and herbal medicine. Here at Remedy, we're huge fans of ginger and have made damn sure it's a key ingredient in some of our fan favourites. 

With anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, it's said that ginger can help fight infection and is a great natural option to support your immunity. SCIENCE SPEAK: Ginger is also a diaphoretic, which means it works from the inside out to heat your body which is just what you need when it's wet and chilly outside

The main reason ginger is so g-damn great is that it is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. It's also well known for its calming effect on your gut – you bloody ripper. 


Found in all Remedy drinks

Ever wondered how our Remedy bevvies have a sweet taste without having any of the sugar? We add a touch of plant-based sweeteners, stevia, and erythritol (aka fermented glucose) at the end of the natural fermentation process. This adds back a hint of sweetness and balances out the flavours after we naturally brew out all of the sugar in our drinks. The stevia and erythritol we use are 100% natural (no artificial sweeteners over here!).

Stevia is a plant that belongs to the chrysanthemum family, which grows in Paraguay and Brazil. It contains no fructose yet is 300 times sweeter than sugar. Erythritol, aka fermented glucose, is a naturally occurring nectar commonly found in pears, watermelons, grapes and other fermented products like wine (yum), cheese (double yum) and soy sauce (all the yums). Both stevia and erythritol have been used as natural sweeteners in many parts of the world for hundreds of years, so it's not a new thing.



Found in Remedy Immune+ Shot

Acerola cherries (also known as Barbados cherries or West Indian cherries) are one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C. They initially gained popularity in 1940, when Puerto Rican scientists discovered that these little cherries contained up to 100x more Vitamin C than oranges (wowza!). We use acerola cherries in our Remedy Immune+ shot, so you can get 25% of your Vitamin C RDI from just one little mini but mighty shot!



Found in Remedy Immune+ Shot

Sprouted quinoa in your drink? We know it sounds strange, but they're a pretty magic ingredient. Quinoa sprouts are high in Vitamin B6, which can not only improve mood but may help with brain development and keep the nervous system and immune system healthy. That's a big yes from us. 


Found in Remedy K!CK, Remedy Energy Shot

This ingredient looks spooky, but it's a root that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries! Ginseng doesn't just contain antioxidants; it may also help with brain health, immune function, and blood sugar control and can fight tiredness and increase energy levels.  

Get ready to K!CK it up a notch!

What’s that? An energy drink that’s not bad for you? Heck yes! It's time to ditch toxic energy for good with Remedy K!CK, the wiser energiser without the crash, jitters or guilt that comes from sugar-laden energy drinks that are full of artificial nasties.

Remedy K!CK is packed with fruity flavour and contains no sugar, for real. Featuring all natural ingredients, green coffee bean and ginseng, it's the perfect boost to power you through the day (or night!). 

Why is Remedy K!CK better than other energy drinks?

Remedy K!CK is packed with goodness with nothing hidden and nothing artificial! You’ll get all the benefits of our superior kombucha brew; live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids with no sugar, for real.

Plus, green coffee bean extract delivers a smoother, more enduring energy hit.

Where does the energy come from?

It’s all around you. Nah. JK. All Remedy K!CK flavours contain 80mg of caffeine per 250ml can. A cup of instant coffee sits at around 80mg of caffeine, and other energy drinks also contain around 80mg per 250ml can. Ours has the same amount but without the insane sugar load or any artificial nasties. We know what we’d rather drink!

Soooo….what does it even taste like?

Remedy K!CK is fizzy, and super refreshing. It's plump, juicy and bursting with fruity flavour.

How on earth do we make this bevvie?

Remedy K!CK comes from the same kitchen bench that brought you Remedy Kombucha and is made using the same live kombucha culture from the original homemade brew that our founders Sarah and Emmet nurtured back in the day.

Brewed the old school way, all the sugar is brewed out, leaving a live cultured drink with no sugar, for real! We then add green coffee bean, ginseng and all-natural flavours to dial it up to a whole new level for an all-natural energy drink that’s better for you!

When can I drink it?

In the AM: Remedy K!CK is the perfect bevvie to put a pep in your step first thing. Chock full of live cultures and antioxidants, try it for a fruity start to your day.

The 3pm slump: It’s a thing. Instead of reaching for a cheeky bar of chocolate or another coffee, why not try a Remedy K!CK. No guilt here, just a refreshingly natural energy hit.

You’re busting a gut at work or play: You’re out and about trying to get ‘it’ done or pulling a late one because you’ve got an exam or work presentation. Put down the artificial energy and reach for the Remedy K!CK, we say!

Sub out traditional energy drink: Got the jitters from one too many? We get it. We’re no saints either but try a Remedy K!CK instead and see how you go…we guarantee you’ll be feelin’ better for it!

Where can I buy it?

Remedy K!CK is available at 7-Eleven stores across Australia and online by the case!

Healthy Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings

Written by  Jacqueline Alwill,  Remedy Drinks Accredited Nutritionist @brownpapernutrition 

Are sugar cravings hitting you hard each day, and you want to stop them in their tracks? Let’s look at some of the common culprits contributing to sugar cravings and how you can say goodbye to those cravings for good.

1. AIM FOR 2 + 5 EVERY DAY. Let’s get back to basics, friends. The foundations of a healthy diet begin with consuming two servings of fruit and five serves of vegetables (minimum!) per day. But did you know that most Australian adults don’t consume anywhere near this amount? Only 5% meet this target (Source: ABS). So why is this important for curbing those sugar cravings? Well, it’s pretty simple. Without a diet rich in fibre from fruit and vegetables, our blood sugar levels are peaking and dropping throughout the day. When we have fibre-rich foods, however, starting with fruit and veg (but also including all foods from the plant kingdom - nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, whole grains), this slows the rate at which sugar is released into the bloodstream, allowing our cells to absorb it more efficiently and keeping our blood sugar levels stable. So, if you’re struggling with sugar cravings but also struggling to eat your 2 + 5, then start here. 

2. MAKE SIMPLE SWAPS: Love an afternoon soda but find you’re STILL craving sugar after the sugary soda? Time to swap that crazy sugar-coated can for something natural, guilt-free, satisfying, charged with goodness and without sugar. Meet Remedy Sodaly - your new fizzy friend that’s FULL OF FLAVOUR and contains beneficial prebiotics from apple cider vinegar. Why do I want apple cider vinegar in my soda, you say? Well, apple cider vinegar, with its juicy prebiotic pectin and acetic acid, helps to slow the rate your food is emptied from the stomach to the small intestine, allowing our body to regulate glucose better. PLUS, prebiotics provide the fuel for trillions of beneficial bugs in our gut so they can work their gut and health lovin magic, helping to regulate our appetite and blood sugar! Neat right? You’ll find Remedy Sodaly in all your favourite flaves, including Lemon Lime & Bitters, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon Squash, Guava and Passionfruit at your local grocer. Try making the swap the next time you're craving something sweet but want to make it right!   

3. DON’T SKIP MEALS: Ever thought you were doing the right thing by eating a small meal or skipping a meal to save on calories? Mmmmm, what about when you eat double or more at your next meal, though? Or skip lunch only to find your sugar cravings are cranking after dinner. Those cravings are behaving this way because you haven’t given your body the fuel it needs throughout the day. The result? The sugar fiend emerges. The lesson? Don’t skip meals. Your body and your blood sugar levels will thank you for it. 

4. FIBRE FIRST: If you feel like you’ve ticked all the boxes so far and wondering why you’re still craving sugar after your meal, try shuffling the way you consume your meal around ever so slightly. Start the meal with your most fibrous component – hello, big bowl of salad. Follow this with your protein and fats BEFORE you eat your starchy carbs such as potatoes, rice, pasta etc. (these break down to sugars in our body). Consuming your fibre first helps to buffer and slow the breakdown and absorption of the starchy carbs and their sugars, resulting in a more even delivery of glucose to the bloodstream. PSA. If you’re really clever, have a Remedy Sodaly with apple cider vinegar 20-30 minutes before your meal to reap the benefits! 

5. HIT THE SACK: You’ve likely experienced a day of feeling hungry for sugar after a night of poor quality or not enough sleep. Sleep is the low-hanging fruit for health, but we’re increasingly battling to reach out and grab it, so we find ourselves seeking out those energy-dense high-sugar foods and drinks to combat low energy. Not only that, but reduced sleep can affect the production of hormones, including those involved in regulating our hunger. Ghrelin, our appetite-stimulating hormone, rises with poor sleep, whilst leptin, our hormone responsible for helping us realise satiety, is lowered. The changes in how each is regulated are the perfect storm for hunting down sugar from the minute we wake. 

Find Remedy in the Philippines!

It's time to celebrate as Remedy Kombucha is now available in the Philippines!

That’s right you can now get your hands on the same very tasty, live cultured fizzy drink Aussies are obsessed with. Remedy Kombucha contains no sugar (for real!) and is packed with goodness from live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids.

Remedy Kombucha is available in Raspberry Lemonade, Peach, Passionfruit, Wild Berry and Lemon Lime & Mint flavours and can be found in-store at:

Prefer to shop online? You can find Remedy online via the below:

Be sure to follow us on socials and keep your eyes peeled as we move into new stockists!

What's so good about Remedy Kombucha?

The benefits of kombucha essentially come down to three key components: live cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants AKA tea polyphenols. Combined, these three powerhouses can help to support our all-important gut health and overall health and wellbeing. But let’s break it down in a little more detail…

When kombucha is fermented naturally and kept raw and unfiltered as we do at Remedy, it contains healthy, living, good bacteria aka live cultures. Every bottle of Remedy Kombucha contains literally billions of these mighty little microorganisms.

Live cultures can be amazing for gut health. We now know, thanks to the amazing work of scientists around the world, that good gut health is critical to overall health and well-being. Research has proven (and continues to explore in more detail) how it affects everything from our digestion to our mood.

Live cultures can improve gut health because they can increase the diversity of your gut flora, or gut microbiota, aka the microorganisms or bugs that live in your gut. They work together as a symbiotic community to get things working as they should and can also prevent the opportunistic growth of bag bugs. So, the more diversity there, the better things will work!

When brewing Remedy, it’s not just magic that leads to a delicious drink with no sugar, but fermentation science! You see, the live culture is what consumes all the sugar, but in the process, it doesn’t just disappear, it gets converted into healthy organic acids, also known as short-chain fatty acids, the very same kind produced by our own gut bacteria to aid important body processes.

Without getting too technical or scientific, organic acids can help to:

  • Regulate appetite
  • Prevent the overgrowth of bad pathogenic bacteria
  • Provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Regulate cholesterol
  • The organic acids are what give Remedy Kombucha that subtle tang and good-for-you-but-still-so-damn-tasty flavour. Watch out for any kombucha or other drink that claims to be fermented without some tang - that's how you know they're brewing it right, and you're getting the goodness of organic acids.


Everyone knows that a cup of green tea is good for you, right? (Just ask your gran). Well, that’s because it’s packed with tea antioxidants, aka polyphenols, which can help your body fight illness.

In kombucha making, the first and very important step at Remedy is to brew a VERY big pot of tea. That’s where these mighty tea polyphenols come in!

Not all kombucha brews will have the same amount of polyphenols. Some tea blends have less or more polyphenols depending on quality, and this can even be impacted by what season the tea was harvested.

Polyphenols also vary on the tea type (i.e green, black, oolong, jasmine or hibiscus). We use a mixture of certified organic green tea for its high polyphenol properties and certified organic black tea for its rich superior taste.

Most importantly, we test every batch of raw tea at Remedy to ensure it meets our high standards of the goods when it comes to polyphenols. We then test each batch of kombucha at the end of fermentation to make sure it meets our top-notch standards for polyphenol goodness.

If you want to check if your kombucha is chock-full of tea polyphenols, pour your brew into a glass. Tea has a brownish background colour, so watch out if you find a kombucha that’s crystal clear.

In addition to the good stuff that IS in Remedy Kombucha, the other benefit comes from what’s NOT in it, and that’s sugar!

While some sugar in our diets is necessary (and who doesn’t love a little treat now and then), the negative health effects of too much sugar in diets are pretty clear; from really basic and fairly immediate effects like weight gain, through to major risks such as diabetes, heart disease.

The beauty of Remedy is that although sugar goes into the initial brew, it gets eaten up by the live cultures during fermentation to produce those amazing organic acids we keep raving about. Remedy brews out ALL of the sugar, and we test every batch to make sure. 


  • Live cultures
  • Organic acids
  • Antioxidants
  • No sugar, for real
  • Tick, tick, tick!