Best pack another green bag for your trip to the shops. We’ve launched 4-packs of our tasty, live-cultured Remedy Kombucha 250ml cans in supermarkets and grocers around Australia.

Our Remedy-lovers asked (and commented, and DM'd, and emailed, and called, and insta-storied...) and we listened! We get it. Sometimes too much Remedy is never enough.

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The Truth about Kombucha

Contrary to those who might try to tell you it’s some hipster fad, kombucha has been around for yonks. Like, thousands of years-type yonks. However, with this history comes a fair bit of mystery… and a whole lotta myths.

Fear not, truth seekers! We here at Remedy have done the hard yards to gain the deepest possible understanding of the golden liquid goodness that is kombucha better than anyone. And we’re here to set the record straight. That’s right. We’re going to drop some truth bombs on ya.

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Ben Brown is vegan, gluten free and kicking goals

Q: What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a vegan coeliac?

A: One of the AFL's leading goal kickers and big time Remedy lover, Ben Brown!

We caught up with Ben to find out more about his daily routine, how he manages following a vegan, gluten-free diet with being a professional athlete.

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