Soft Drink Lovers Rejoice, Sodaly Is Here!

Calling all soft drink lovers! There is a new bevvie in town just for you that's just for you. Sodaly is the deliciously different, 100% natural soft drink you’ve longed for. It’s big on flavour, low on calories (only eight calories per can!) and has no sugar, for real.

We know choosing something “healthier” normally means you’re making a compromise i.e. it either tastes bad (we see you, wheatgrass) or it’s full of nasty, artificial ingredients that make you feel just as guilty as the sugary option *cough* diet soft drink *cough*. This is why we’ve created a range of full-flavoured, healthy soft drinks that actually taste great! Remedy Sodaly is satisfying & invigorating with a punch of real fruit flavour.

Remedy Sodaly is truly guilt-free, made with a base of ACV, which contains gut-friendly prebiotitcs known to aid in digestion and deliver other benefits like enhancing immunity and healthy skin. You'll find it in four delicious flavours available online, in store now. 

The Remedy Story (So Far)

This year we're celebrating Remedy's 10th birthday (yup, we've been brewing up our tasty booch since 2012!). In true Remedy style, we have a few things brewing to help us celebrate with you all, but in the meantime, we thought it was worth making sure you were up to speed with where it all began and what we are all about!
When our founders Sarah and Emmet started Remedy in their Melbourne kitchen in 2012, they wanted to do something good. Shake things up. They knew that healthy didn’t have to be boring. Healthy could be tasty. Extraordinary, even. They believed we all deserve to know that too. And so, Remedy was born! Watch the full story below.


We've Landed In Malaysia!

It's time to celebrate as Remedy Kombucha is now available in Malaysia!

That’s right you can now get your hands on the same very tasty, live cultured fizzy drink Aussies are obsessed with. Remedy contains no sugar (for real!) and is packed with live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids.

Remedy Kombucha is available in Ginger Lemon, Raspberry Lemonade, Peach and Lemon Lime & Mint flavours and can be found in Jaya Grocer, Ben's Independent Grocer, Village Grocer and The Food Purveyor. Be sure to follow us on socials and keep your eyes peeled as we move into new stockists!

What's so good about Remedy Kombucha?

The benefits of kombucha essentially come down to three key components: live cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants AKA tea polyphenols. Combined, these three powerhouses can help to support our all-important gut health and overall health and wellbeing. But let’s break it down in a little more detail…

When kombucha is fermented naturally and kept raw and unfiltered as we do at Remedy, it contains healthy, living, good bacteria aka live cultures. Every bottle of Remedy Kombucha contains literally billions of these mighty little microorganisms.

Live cultures can be amazing for gut health. We now know, thanks to the amazing work of scientists around the world, that good gut health is critical to overall health and wellbeing. Research has proven (and continues to explore in more detail) how it affects everything from our digestion to our mood.

Live cultures can improve gut health because they can increase the diversity of your gut flora, or gut microbiota, aka the microorganisms or bugs that live in your gut. They work together as a symbiotic community to get things working as they should and can also prevent the opportunistic growth of bag bugs. So, the more diversity in there, the better things will work!

When brewing Remedy, it’s not just magic that leads to a delicious drink with no sugar, but fermentation science! You see, the live culture is what consumes all the sugar, but in the process, it doesn’t just disappear, it gets converted into healthy organic acids, also known as short-chain fatty acids, the very same kind produced by our own gut bacteria to aid important body processes.

Without getting too technical or scientific, organic acids can help to:

  • Regulate appetite
  • Prevent the overgrowth of bad pathogenic bacteria
  • Provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut
  • Stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Regulate cholesterol
  • The organic acids are what gives Remedy Kombucha that subtle tang and good-for-you-but-still-so-damn-tasty flavour. Watch out for any kombucha or other drink that claims to be fermented without some tang - that's how you know they're brewing it right, and you're getting the goodness of organic acids.


Everyone knows that a cup of green tea is good for you, right? (Just ask your gran). Well, that’s because it’s packed with tea antioxidants, aka polyphenols, which can help your body fight illness.

In kombucha making, the first and very important step at Remedy is to brew a VERY big pot of tea. That’s where these mighty tea polyphenols come in!

Not all kombucha brews will have the same amount of polyphenols. Some tea blends have less or more polyphenols depending on quality, and this can even be impacted by what season the tea was harvested.

Polyphenols also vary on the tea type (i.e green, black, oolong, jasmine or hibiscus). We use a mixture of certified organic green tea for its high polyphenol properties and certified organic black tea for its rich superior taste.

Most importantly, we test every batch of raw tea at Remedy to ensure it meets our high standards of the goods when it comes to polyphenols. We then test each batch of kombucha at the end of fermentation to make sure it meets our top-notch standards for polyphenol goodness.

If you want to check if your kombucha is chock-full of tea polyphenols, pour your brew into a glass. Tea has a brownish background colour, so watch out if you find a kombucha that’s crystal clear.

In addition to the good stuff that IS in Remedy Kombucha, the other benefit comes from what’s NOT in it, and that’s sugar!

While some sugar is in our diets is necessary (and who doesn’t love a little treat now and then), the negative health effects of too much sugar in diets are pretty clear; from really basic and fairly immediate effects like weight gain, through to major risks such as diabetes, heart disease.

The beauty of Remedy is that although sugar goes into the initial brew, it gets eaten up by the live cultures during fermentation to produce those amazing organic acids we keep raving about. Remedy brews out ALL of the sugar, and we test every batch to make sure. 


  • Live cultures
  • Organic acids
  • Antioxidants
  • No sugar, for real
  • Tick, tick, tick!

3 Cocktails To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

It's St Patrick's Day and while we can't offer you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we can serve you up some liquid gold booch (in cocktail form)!
These three St Paddy's inspired cocktails are the perfect alternative to smashing down pints of Guinness and will take the edge off feeling like you've taken style inspo from Kermit for the annual office "best green kit" comp.

Apple Crisp Mojito

Serves 1


  • 50ml white rum

  • 125ml Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp
  • 3 x lime wedges
  • Fresh mint, to garnish


Pour rum into a glass with ice. 

Top with Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp.

Garnish with lime wedges and mint.

Apple Spritz

Serves 1


  • 25ml Lillet Blanc

  • 125ml Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp
  • 100ml Prosecco
  • Apple slices, to garnish


Pour lillet blanc into a glass. 

Top with Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp.

Garnish with apple slices.

Green Apple Collins

Serves 1


  • 50ml gin

  • 125ml Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • Fresh lime and mint, to garnish 


Pour gin and lemon juice into a glass with ice. 

Top with Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp.

Garnish with lime wedges and mint.